Arizona authorities issue evacuation, shelter-in-place orders after nitric acid spill

Due to a collision and hazardous spill, a section of an Arizona roadway was closed in both directions on Tuesday, according to the authorities.

The state Department of Public Safety urged that drivers avoid the "extensive" closure on Interstate 10 in Tucson between Rita and Kolb roads.

The spill was brought on by a commercial truck tanker rolling over on the road, according to the officials.

Nitric acid was discharged, according to Pima County officials who spoke to Fox News Digital.

Everyone within a mile of the spill was instructed to shelter in place by a warning. According to the Tucson Fire Department,

They were working with other organizations to clean up the area. The date when the road would reopen was not specified.

A very corrosive chemical called nitric acid is utilized in fertilizer and industry. Officials tell Fox News Digital that several areas had been evacuated.

If there is any danger to the public, authorities have not stated anything. The incident happened a few weeks

after an Ohio train derailed, releasing deadly chemicals into the air near East Palestine.

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