Brand new Boeing 747 scrapped after 16 flights

A Boeing 747 that had been converted into a private VIP aircraft is being demolished after only 30 hours in operation across 16 flights.

The plane, which was initially built for a Saudi monarch, was abandoned at the EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg,

which is situated on the border of France, Switzerland, and Germany, for over ten years.

The aircraft was eventually taken to Pinal Airpark in Arizona, an aircraft boneyard where retired aircraft get stripped for parts or stored forever.

There, it was supposed to be fitted with an opulent interior, but that never happened.

The aircraft is a "Boeing Business Jet," a significantly modified version of a Boeing airliner designed for use by corporations and government agencies.

Its cabin capacity of around 5,000 square feet and range of over 10,000 miles are unmatched by any other corporate aircraft.

It is also the most technologically advanced version of the Boeing 747 ever made, the 747-8 variant, which made its inaugural flight in 2010

but failed to achieve commercial success due to its high operating costs. The 747's production history came to an end with the delivery of the

last one to cargo operator Atlas Air in early 2023, although the model still has a bright future because the current Air Force One replacement will be two 747-8s.

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