Casualties of the Costner-Yellowstone Crossfire

Here's an indication that Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan's romance isn't working out that well:

The following critique of Sheridan's Sylvester Stallone gangster show, Tulsa King, was published on Instagram a few months

ago by Costner's longtime assistant and partner, Glenn Kleczkowski: Bro, stick to westerns.

You know absolutely nothing about THIS life. You country boy, keep it in your lane. Indeed, I feel bad for you as a writer and artist.

Nice. The letter, which I'm told made its way to Sheridan, Paramount Media Networks president and CEO Chris McCarthy,

and other members of the Yellowstone team before it was deleted, only served to exacerbate the already strained

and possibly severed relationship between Costner, the star of the most popular show on television,

and Paramount's cash cow Sheridan machine. Hence, few people involved with the show were shocked when rumors

surfaced earlier this month that Yellowstone may cease after its current fifth season because

Costner is at an impasse over his shooting schedule. Battle lines had been established.

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