Deep Fake Neighbor Wars review - the childish joy of Idris Elba fighting Kim Kardashian on a wheelbarrow

Catford, south-east London. Idris Elba - handyman, barman, mobile phone repairer, chef,

delivery driver and DJ - is running errands on the communal garden with new neighbor Kim Kardashian.

It's Idris's pride and joy, where he cares for his bodices and makes perfume with rose petals and water that he sells on Etsy.

First, he finds towels hanging from his pergola. Two days later, a paddling pool. Then with a squeal from one of those rotary washing lines

"that went right through me", Idris said with a shudder. As for bus driver Kim, having a garden is "a great blessing"

for her and she refuses to sunbathe in it. Let the neighbor war begin!It's a different kind of reality TV spoof:

the first deepfake comedy to grace our screens. So not only do you see a guy who sounds exactly like the Kardashians grab about a garden hose,

the wheelbarrow and Flymo Elba has on its way to block access to the garden ("Once , I had to jump eight things," she sighs.

"Do I look like Hurdlist?"), she also looks exactly like him. Welcome to Deep Fake Neighbor Wars (ITVX),

where thanks to some ethically questionable and up-to-the-minute AI technology that I don't fully understand,

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