Delta passenger says flight attendant told his wife

A Virginia family was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight from Orlando, Florida, to New York in November following an altercation;

The husband and father of the family claim they have yet to receive payment from Delta for their ordeal.

After failing to receive any meaningful response from Delta on the family's negative experience, the guy re-posted details about the incident in Jan.

30 in a video that has now gone viral, he told Fox News Digital in a phone call and by email comments.

On the afternoon of November 7, 2022, the male passenger, his wife, and their children boarded a Delta flight

bound for LaGuardia Airport in New York City. For reasons of privacy, the passenger requested that his family's identities not be used.

The passenger complained, "The lady next to my wife had nowhere for her bag to go after we sat down in our seats.

The traveler claimed that he stood up and made an effort to help the other passenger, but was unable.

I attempted to move our items around to make enough room but was unable to make [the] bag fit," he said.

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