Egg substitutes for baking, cooking and eating as prices surge

You don't like how much chicken eggs cost. There are various food substitutes for the standard staple that can be used if you're prepared to give them a try.

If you're prepared to stray from the standard, eggs can easily be replaced with everything from liquid egg

cartons and plant-based alternatives to quail eggs and protein powders. Read a list of alternatives below as the average cost of a dozen

big Grade A eggs in America in January hit $4.82, based on data from the Federal Reserve.

Images that went viral on social media last month claimed that the cost of a dozen eggs had increased to as much as $8, as reported by FOX Business.

Tofu and flax meal can be substituted for chicken eggs, according to Ashley Kitchens of Durham, North Carolina,

a registered dietitian nutritionist with the plant-based lifestyle website Plant Centered Nutrition.

Tofu can be a more affordable option if you like to make an egg scramble in the morning, according to Kitchens.

Just crumble the tofu into a hot skillet like you would scrambled eggs, season with additional spices, and heat through.

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