Family raises over $250,000 for a Domino’s driver who fell while delivering pizza

A family has donated almost $250,000 to help a Domino's delivery person who was hurt on February 3 while delivering the family's meal.

The family's home security camera captured Barbara Gillespie falling, and the video has since gone viral, receiving over 3 million views on TikTok.

After the incident, the 72-year-old is seen stumbling and apologizing for losing the meal as a family member rushes to assist.

Kevin Keighron, the homeowner, said to "Good Morning America," "I open the door and there she is just laying on the ground trying to get up."

"The food was what she was most concerned about. I said, "I don't care about the meal," in response. I'm concerned for you.

Around 14,000 people have contributed to the GoFundMe that South Carolina residents Kevin Keighron and his wife Lacey

Klein set up to give Gillespie an additional "tip."  Gillespie, who has been employed at Domino's for five and a half years,

has received donations totaling more than $250,000. "We believed that by getting her a larger tip, we could give it to her.

We never anticipated receiving as much as we did, according to Lacey Klein. We were really overjoyed and happy to be able to inform her the next day.

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