Firing in the US for the second time within 24 hours, firing in a nightclub in Louisiana; 12 people injured

Twelve people were injured in a late Sunday night shooting at a nightclub in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The condition of the injured is said to be serious. No arrest has been made in this case so far.

The incident of firing took place at Dior Bar & Lounge at 1.30 am. Since no arrests have been made so far,

The incident is being probed and some leads are expected soon.

Let us tell you that the incident of firing came to light on Saturday in Los Angeles city of California province of America. In which 10 people have died.

Let us inform you that even in the year 2022, there were incidents of firing in America.

Now even in the year 2023, incidents of firing are continuously coming to the fore in America.

Last week also several incidents of firing were seen in America, in which seven people were killed.

While 8 people were injured. These incidents happened in different places in America.

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