Ford Ad Gives Women in the Auto Industry the Credit They Have Long Deserved

Please put your coffee down, feminists and fellow women. Don't hurl them at your computer, phone,

or any colleagues who might have sent or shown you this video! It's okay if all you saw was the title and you reacted angrily;

I experienced the same thing (and threatened to throw out any Ford-related thing, including my Ford-bound husband...). Breathe deeply.

Click play and enjoy a modest, mindful dosage of empowerment for International Women's Day, and Women's History Month, cause damnit, we deserve it.

Ford unveiled the commercial for the "Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition" quite early this morning.

Without pushing play, one would initially wonder, "Is this for real?," or they might roll their eyes at the arrival of stereotyped

heteronormative go-to jokes that make fun of girlfriends or wives. But this commercial isn't that. No.

Ford created an Explorer "for men," but it was devoid of many conveniences and features, and Ford claims this is because women designed those features.

"Introducing the Ford Explorer for Guys Only, which has no windscreen wipers. not a heater.

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