Former Chief Economic Advisor told the right reason on 2000 note ban

By : Mahi

Former CEA gave 6 reasons for demonetisation of 2000

The former CEA said that 2000 notes are recovered in large quantities after raids at many places.

In such a situation, due to the closure of the circulation of these notes, it will not be able to be misused.

The closure of the circulation of 2000 notes will not affect the poor or the general public. This is because the general public rarely uses these big notes.

The use of 2000 notes was decreasing. People are mostly using digital payment.

Instead of 2000 notes, people are using more 500 rupees.

In the coming time, by the year 2026, digital payment will increase up to 3 times. People will put a lot of limits on keeping physical currency.

At present, the government has declared the 2000 note valid for use as legal tender. However, this is only till 30 September. After this these notes will be completely closed.

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