Gisele Bundchen Parties with Pals at Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Gisele Bündchen is ready to party! The 42-year-old supermodel, novelist, mother, and businesswoman

tweeted a video of herself dancing on Rio de Janeiro's streets on Sunday during the city's well-known carnival.

In the videos, Bündchen hangs out with her buddies while sporting a cropped "Brahma" T-shirt and low-rise white trousers.

As the glittery carnival floats pass in front of her, she is also seen grinning and raising her arms gleefully.

The mother-of-two also uploaded a pre-event video of her yelling "Bravo!" to friends gathered around a pool table.

She is then seen encouraging the employees to start dancing as everyone in the room applauds.

When more than a dozen individuals dance and bounce to some music in anticipation of the yearly event,

Gisele holds the camera in selfie mode in the last film. Until February 25th, Bündchen has been making a big effort to take part in the yearly Brazilian event.

She demonstrated some of her movements on February 16 as she got ready for the joyous occasion in her homeland.

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