Google employees criticise CEO for “dumpster fire” response to ChatGPT

We reported that Google's ChatGPT competitor event seemed like a rush job aimed to reassure investors when it was scheduled for last week.

Since then, that event took place and went worse than anyone could have predicted. The stock has dropped over 12 percent since its previous high just before the event,

which is the exact opposite of what Google wanted from its event. Even Google employees are starting to pay attention,

according to CNBC's Jennifer Elias, who reports that internal criticism of CEO Sundar Pichai for what they call a

"rushed, bungled" debut of Google's new chatbot is coming from within the company.

While these are typically lighthearted messages from Google's internal "Memegen" employee forum, CNBC claims it was able to view a number of them.

The report claims that while these messages are typically lighthearted, "the posts after the Bard announcement struck a more serious tone and even went directly after Pichai."

One message began, "Dear Sundar, the Bard launch and the layoffs were rushed, bungled, and narrow-minded.

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