Greenbrier Stock: In An Opportunity Rich Position

The Greenbrier argument is now stronger on a few issues and slightly different from what it was prior to the review.

For practitioners, the Greenbriar thesis is twofold: first, the company has strong operational tailwinds over the coming years.

The business is also investing its excess cash flow in a structurally advantageous lease fleet to increase the regularity of its outyear cash flows.

In many aspects, the business is transforming into an as-a-service provider in the industrial sector by establishing a low-risk, secure,

higher yielding commercial bank operation while also serving as one of only two significant railcar suppliers to the shipping and railroad sectors.

The company should produce more free cash flow in three years at a greater return on invested capital and much more frequently.

Due to its large fall, Greenbrier Companies, Inc. 's The First Principles evaluation had to more strongly support each of those

claims or demonstrate a different thesis in order for it to be included in the portfolio. Based on those three points, the conviction level grew.

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