Halle Berry shares video and jokes after taking a big fall on stage at a charity event

Following a face-plant in front of a sizable crowd at a Los Angeles charity event, Halle Berry handled it well.

The actress, 56, posted a video of herself falling to the ground as she approached the podium to give a speech at the Looking Beyond LA luncheon on Friday.

In the description of the Instagram video, the Academy Award winner stated, "Sometimes you bust your a

"That's what occurred. Then that happened when my close friend @shillahekmatpiano invited me to speak at her

charitable event honouring the excellent charity @lookingbeyondla that raises money for kids with special needs.

I fell face down. If you can, please donate at lookingbeyondla.com. Children are priceless

She was on her way to the podium when Berry released the clip in which she stumbled over a stair and fell to the ground face down.

The video halted and a red arrow pointed down at her stiletto boot as she lay on the ground as the crowd screamed and gasped.

The sound of a vinyl record scratching could be heard as the camera focused on Berry's boot.

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