Hayden Panettiere brother Johnson Panettiere dies at 28

American popular actor Janssen Panettiere passed away on Sunday.

Brother Janssen, 28, died this weekend in his New York apartment. The Hollywood actor was battling depression and tension.

He was the only brother of the 'Nashville' star. Following the death of Johnson Panettiere,

It is believed that foul play was involved and the cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

Janssen had been suffering from anxiety and depression and had recently been going through a rough patch in his career.

Johnson continued into the 2010s working on shows such as "Major Crimes" and "The Walking Dead."

He was involved in 5 more projects at the time of his death. Johnson is survived by his sister and parents,

Skip Panettiere and Leslie Vogel. There is a wave of mourning in the cinema world due to the death of the actor.

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