Hospitality industry reboot; 'best in class' training available for free

Restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and venues in North Carolina continue to face labor shortages even as the hospitality

and the tourism sector recovers from the pandemic's effects. The North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association (NCRLA) Foundation

and the NC Department of Commerce has a contract for the administration of a $1.1 million programme for training the workers in the hospitality industry.

The NCRLA Foundation's new online portal,, now offers the free training materials.

The hotel sector considers all of the courses, certificates, and certifications given to be the best in the country.

"According to NCRLA President and CEO Lynn Minges, this training is truly accessible to

and appropriate for everyone in the state of North Carolina interested in the hospitality sector.

From entry-level positions to those requiring professional manager and operator training and credentials, the jobs range widely."

The extensive training programme is intended to recruit new and seasoned industry personnel while upskilling

and advancing the careers of those now employed in North Carolina's hotel and tourist sector.

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