How To Earn Money From Koo App 2023 , 4 Best Ways

This app is specially designed for Indians and it supports multiple Indian languages. You can post, chat in your mother tongue.

Using the Koo app is as simple as using Twitter. Tweet on Twitter like you use Twitter.

This app has already earned good popularity in India. Crores of users are using Ku, so you can use it to earn money from Ku.

Due to its high popularity, you get a huge base of users to earn money through Ku. In the following content, we explain some of the ways to earn money from Ku.

There is a way of selling products by advertising and reviews among people by forming pairs or groups of people to connect people to buy products.

1. Affiliate marketing

If you have a huge amount of followers on Koo app or any other social media platform then

2. sponsorship

You can easily earn money through sponsorship. If you contract a company to sponsor them, you can make money doing so.

Whether you are a blog writer or Youtuber you can earn money on Koo by showcasing your

3. Blog/video sharing

talent to your followers as well as the public. But to earn money make sure that you are sharing valuable content with your followers.

URL should be short for a good look and feel of the content but sometimes we have to face a big URL. At this time we need a URL shortener.

4. URL Shortening

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