Important health information

Drink cow's milk if there is lack of sperm or manly weakness in men. It thickens semen and increases sperm count.


The saliva produced in the mouth during kissing removes the cavity from the teeth and kills the bacteria, which makes the teeth shine like a pearl.


Pot water has alkaline properties, due to which its pH remains in balance and this water is beneficial for health.


Drinking bottle gourd juice removes the acidity problem.


Drinking neem decoction twice a week will cure eyesight and diabetes pimples will also not occur.


Grinding onion and filtering its juice, heating it and putting four drops in the ear ends ear pain.


By eating one rasgulla daily, the burning sensation in the eyes and the problem like jaundice ends forever.


By adding cardamom to milk and drinking it, the sex power will increase and the bad smell of the mouth will also go away, so that you will be able to kiss openly.


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