Inside Tom Sizemore's wild life - Liz Hurley 'affair', sex tape and substance abuse

Tom Sizemore, a well-known Hollywood actor, tragically died on March 3, 2023, from a cerebral aneurysm brought on by a stroke he had in February.

The 61-year-old, who is best known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbour, has been in a coma since suffering an alleged stroke last month.

Yet, Sizemore led a troubled existence apart from his on-screen persona, in which he was frequently portrayed as the stereotypical Hollywood hardman in supporting roles.

The actor had a history of drug addiction and had numerous run-ins with the law throughout his career, which frequently made headlines.

The Daily Star has given a peek inside his crazy life after his 30-year career in Hollywood.

At the age of 15, Sizemore struggled with heroin addiction, which had major consequences for him later in life.

Sizemore struggled with major drug issues in the early 2000s, while Robbery Homicide Division was being filmed for television.

He took heroin, crystal methamphetamine, and cocaine over the years, frequently checking in and out of treatment.

He entered a guilty plea to a methamphetamine possession charge in October 2004 and was sentenced to probation right afterwards.

A year later, when he was discovered using a prosthetic device to falsify a drug test, the probation was canceled. Afterwards, his probation was extended once more.

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