JFK travel chaos halts dozens of flights, terminal closed after power outage

Overwhelmed travelers confronted new disarray at New York's JFK Air terminal on Friday,

with many flights rejected as a terminal was covered for a second day after a blackout ignited a fire.

"JFK Terminal 1 will stay shut on [Friday] because of electrical issues as the Port Power keeps working with the terminal's administrator to reestablish

flight tasks as fast as could really be expected," the significant travel center point tweeted soon after 11 p.m. Thursday.

"Voyagers ought to check with their transporters for flight status prior to coming to the air terminal."

Over 60% of the 64 flights planned all through the terminal Friday were rejected, representing every one of the 39 retractions at JFK that day.

Many were worldwide flights, including a New Zealand flight that had to pivot eight hours into its excursion to NYC Thursday

leaving travelers stuck on board the airplane for 16 hours as it was sent back to Auckland.

Of Friday's 64 planned departures from the terminal — 5% of the general traffic — 13 figured out how to be re-steered to

JFK's four different terminals, while 12 were redirected to different air terminals, the Port Authority said.

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