Just do this work in the morning and evening, you will soon become a millionaire.

By : Mahi

At present people want to earn more and more money. Many people want to have a separate source of income along with their job.

In such a situation, if you want to increase your income along with the job, then today we are giving you a better idea.

In this idea, you only have to take out time in the morning and evening. In this only, you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month.

In fact, the Murrah breed is considered the best among the buffalo breeds. The demand for buffaloes of these breeds is also considerable.

This breed has a special importance in buffaloes. The reason for this is that they have good stature and give better milk as compared to other breeds.

The buffalo of Murrah breed is very high. Usually such buffaloes are reared more in areas like Haryana, Punjab.

Buffaloes of these breeds are also used in the dairy of Itni, Bulgaria, Egypt, so that dairy production can be improved there.

A buffalo of Murrah breed can give up to 20 liters of milk daily. This is usually double that of buffaloes of the breed.

That's all, if Murrah buffaloes are fed well and taken care of well, they can give up to 30-35 liters of milk. The price of these buffaloes starts from Rs 1 lakh and goes up to Rs 3-4 lakh.

Now you can imagine how beneficial Murrah breed buffaloes and buffaloes are for cattle rearers. Raise buffalo of Murrah breed and earn bumper by selling milk.

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