Justine Bateman confronts obsession with her ‘old’ face

By : Mahi

Despite her advancing years, Justine Bateman remains unconcerned with what others may think.

Since she was a teenager, Bateman, 57, has been a celebrity, and viewers have watched her develop on-screen.

But it wasn't until the "Family Ties" actress searched herself that she understood the internet's infatuation with her aging visage.

"60 Minutes Australia" quoted Justine Bateman as saying, "I needed to google something to do a little research and remind myself of something that happened when I was famous,

so I typed in my name, searched my name, and then the autocomplete came up, which was 'looks old.'"

And I was just 42 at the time, she said. and I thought, "What?" And when I looked at the photographs they supplied as proof, I was unable to understand what they were referring to.

Later, when the journalist questioned Bateman about whether someone could possibly think aging to be "beautiful," she replied,

I simply don't give an s-t. I believe I look cool. I feel that my face best captures who I am. I enjoy it.

Bateman stated she appreciates appearing her age even though she is aware that it is feasible to undergo treatments and strive to seem younger.

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