Katy Perry hopes to bring 'light and love' to King Charles’ coronation concert

By : Mahi

King Charles III's coronation concert will include Katy Perry on Sunday, May 7.

The "American Idol" judge said she is "so grateful" for the chance during an appearance with Access Hollywood.

The first thing Perry said was, "I'm just so grateful to be asked for these moments and that I have the songs to, I think, support them." At the end of the day, the songs are everything.

The "Firework" singer mentioned that she serves as an ambassador for The British Asian Trust, one of the royal foundations.

Perry said, "It's natural since it's a charity that aids in child trafficking, which is widespread and terrible.

"I'm also an ambassador for UNICEF, so they are both truly my fundamental principles, and as a mother, I know firsthand what's most essential,

which are these helpless kids. I'm going there to represent myself as an ambassador and to simply spread love and light, she concluded.

I just want to bring it. The partial coronation performance programme, which included Perry, Andrea Bocelli, and Lionel Richie, was unveiled by the BBC on April 14.

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