'Kondaich in the house and on the private part...'; Gandi Baat fame actress told the reality of 'those' days

You will remember actress Flora Saini, who came in the audience in Ekta Kapoor's 'Gandi Baat 2'.

At the age of 20, he made a career. When his career was progressing, then something happened in his life that his hard work

and his name was all left behind. She fell in love with a producer and everything went wrong.

She was in an abusive relationship that was very difficult for her to get out of. He lost his faith in love, marriage, and partner.

But still she rose again with determination and overcoming the past she has made her future and present bright.

In 2018, actress Flora Sen commented on the misbehaviour for the first time. Many Bollywood producers were targeted in the Meetu movement.

Then Flora also spoke openly about the misbehaviour she faced. After that, she shared a video about her journey and commented on the past, present and future.

According to media reports, actress Flora Saini was in a relationship with producer Gaurang Doshi.

Both fell in love and started living together. But in this relationship, the actress had to face a lot of abuse.

In his allegation against the producer, he had said, 'He used to punch my private part.

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