Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant defend trade requests

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving defended their choices just a few weeks after each of their respective trade demands put an exciting

period of Brooklyn Nets basketball to an end. Therefore, in Durant's opinion, the NBA gains from the roster changes they started.

Durant stated at his All-Star news conference on Saturday, "I don't think it's negative for the league."

It's increasing interest in the league and generating greater excitement. The attention that the league receives from the tweets I receive,

the news stories about Kyrie and I being traded, and the news hits we received as a result all help to increase revenue.

To be honest, I believe it is fantastic for the league. When contract negotiations broke down and Irving requested to be transferred,

He was earning $38.9 million in the final year of his deal with the Nets and looking for a long-term extension.

Within a few days, Brooklyn made the transaction to transfer Irving to the Dallas Mavericks with the help of a willing trade partner.

The following request for a trade came from Durant, who was halfway through a four-year, $198 million contract with the Nets.

This was a request he had previously made in the offseason. Brooklyn negotiated a deal with the Phoenix Suns

the evening before the trade deadline to transfer the former MVP to the Western Conference.

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