LeBron James prepares to push Lakers 'to make the playoffs'

LeBron James, who has played in the NBA for twenty years, was candid while discussing the task

The Los Angeles Lakers face in securing a postseason spot. Before taking the court in a record-tying 19th All-Star Game on Sunday,

James remarked, "It's 23 of the most significant games of my career, for a regular season."

It's the kind of attitude I have and that I want the lads to have when they return from the vacation.

To place such an emphasis on this recent stretch after four NBA titles, ten trips to the Finals,

and a plethora of personal triumphs, including his recent promotion to the league's all-time greatest scorer, would seem overly dramatic.

James clarified his position by saying that the urgency didn't begin during the All-Star break but rather towards the end of last season,

when Los Angeles missed the playoffs for just the fourth time in his first 19 seasons as a player.

James stated, "I want to make a push to make the playoffs. "I don't want to go two years in a row without playing in the postseason.

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