Lindsay Ell opens up about eating disorder diagnosis

The time has come for Lindsay Ell to discuss her eating condition.

The 33-year-old country singer shared on Instagram that she had only recently received the diagnosis of an eating disorder.

She is still getting used to the news. She stated in the title of her post, "It's something I have been living in denial about for the better part of 20 years."

During a Thursday interview on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off The Vine podcast, Ell actually gave a life update and talked about her mental

health and hitting what the singer described as "a whole new type of rock bottom." She sought assistance because of the bleak situation she was in.

She told Bristowe, "I was ultimately like, I can't battle this alone, I can't do this by myself. "Food became into this thing that was like a drug,

and I was abusing it and not eating and eating and it was just like this relationship that wasn't a healthy thing," the speaker said.

Ell claimed that simply realizing her issue had made her feel better. She admitted that she had been living in denial

because of her conception of what an eating disorder would look like and how much power and energy it had taken over her life.

I believe that in our minds, we have a mental image of, for instance, someone who is anorexic should be 90 pounds, skin and bones, whatever.

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