Mac McClung dominates field to win NBA's slam dunk contest

It's reasonable to say that now everyone is aware of Mac McClung.

McClung, who was formerly the face of the NBA All-Star slam dunk contest's decline as it had an unremarkable array of competitors rather than

the recognised stars of before, stole the show like Michael Jordan or Dominique Wilkins.

McClung, who had previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, had only played in two NBA games.

He was signed to a two-way deal by the Philadelphia 76ers earlier in the week, and he dominated Saturday's dunk competition with a nearly flawless effort.

In the aftermath, McClung admitted, "I kind of felt like I was the underdog ever since the beginning." Even when I was younger,

I realized how much satisfaction there is in proving your own right and not the wrongs of others.

There was a noticeable excitement in the Vivint Arena crowd as McClung readied for each of his four dunks,

all of which he completed on his first attempt and earned him straight 50s from the judges on three of his four attempts.

Because of YouTube compilations of his dunks, which seemed out of this world for a man who is now listed at a generous 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds

and was even smaller back then, McClung garnered an internet following while still in high school.

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