Matt Damon Says “Jimmy Kimmel Is An A**hole, He’s A Terrible Human Being”

By : Mahi

Hollywood actor Matt Damon and Show host Jimmy Kimmel's notorious and amusing banter resumed after Damon made a jab at Kimmel

during a recent red carpet appearance. When promoting his new film Air, the 52-year-old actor addressed his ongoing dispute with Kimmel.

According to reports, Matt Damon's most recent remarks were in response to a joke that dates all the way back to 2005, when Jimmy Kimmel said,

I want to apologize to Matt Damon, we ran out of time," to end one of his show's episodes.

To find out what Matt Damon said in his most recent interview, keep reading.

On the red carpet, Matt Damon opened out to Entertainment Tonight (ET) about his feud with Kimmel.

When asked if he would ever be open to patching things up with the host, Damon said, "Oh, no, he's an a**hole.

He's a terrible human being," I said, adding, "Why would I ever do that? He's a manifestly nasty man."

During the same event, Kimmel quickly followed him on the red carpet, and Damon took advantage of the opportunity to say,

Hey! We ran out of time to snap an image with you, but I'd really like to.

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