McDonald's' new plant-based menu item

Another plant-based menu item is being added by McDonald's, which could upset more steadfast customers.

The Chicago-based fast food juggernaut will start selling vegan McNuggets the following week.

Co-developing the product is the California-based manufacturer of plant-based meats, Beyond Meat.

With a tempura batter, peas, maize, and wheat will be used to make the McPlant Nuggets. The newest product will first be tested in Germany.

It will be McDonald's second product made from plants. Since 2021, a McPlant burger has been offered for sale at The Golden Arches.

Next week, McDonald's will also begin offering the McPlant burger in Germany.

Following a brief test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart region, the rollout to more than 1,400 establishments in August.

The McPlant nuggets and burger will be offered in future markets according to consumer demand, according to McDonald's.

The McPlant burger was tested by McDonald's in the U.S. last summer, but no plans to sell it were made public at the time.

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