Mike Tyson talks about impact on his biopic starring Jamie Foxx amid actor's health issues

The biography of Mike Tyson is being postponed as a result of chronic health difficulties for Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx.

The biographical television series, which would be executive produced by Tyson, Foxx,

Antoine Fuqua, and Martin Scorsese, reportedly has Foxx as its preferred pick to play Tyson.

Foxx's health was discussed with Tyson on a recent episode of the "Valuetainment" podcast, hosted by Patrick Bet-David.

Throughout the conversation, Tyson also thought back on his upcoming biography, in which Foxx was slated to play him.

"Well, that was a chance. What's going to happen next is unknown to me. But, you know, there's a good chance," Tyson remarked.

"Since Jamie is closer to my age than I am, they planned to portray him in a manner similar to that of [the film] Benjamin Button. He said,

"They were going to make him seem younger.Tyson said during the interview that he didn't have a firm understanding of Foxx's present state of health.

In order to emphasize the unpredictable nature of life, Tyson stated to the host, "Hey listen, we can't foresee our next breath.

We have no idea when we'll pass away. Bad things might occur when we leave here.

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