Mystery surrounds objects shot down by US military

The US military is unaware of the identity of the three flying objects it blasted over North America and how they managed to stay in the air.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden issued a new order to bring down another item, making a total of four this month.

The US claimed that because it was flying at 20,000 feet (6,100 metres), it might have hampered commercial air travel.

It may be a "gaseous type of balloon" or "some type of propulsion system," according to a military commander.

Aliens might still be responsible for the objects, he noted. Defence officials have called the most recent object,

which was shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan close to the Canadian border, an unmanned "octagonal construction" with strings attached.

At 14:42 local time, a missile launched from an F-16 fighter jet brought it down (19:42 GMT).

Further doubts are raised by the occurrence regarding the recent spate of high-altitude objects that have been shot down over North America.

General Glen VanHerck, commander of US Northern Command, stated that there was no sign of any threat.

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