Nearly 22,000 Russians have tried to enter the US since Putin’s war draft

When Nailia Manzurina thought back to the day she and her two young sons had to leave their husband in their native Russia, she began to cry.

She brushed away her tears and remarked, "Thank God that was just temporary."

Russians were feeling strongly in late September 2022 because President Vladimir Putin had just enacted

the nation's first military drought since World War II. As their loved ones were drawn into the conflict in Ukraine,

mothers and wives could be seen weeping in social media footage. To escape being drawn into the conflict,

young men fled to neighboring nations in large numbers. Mikhail Manzoor In, Nailia's 25-year-old spouse,

was eligible for the drought but opposed Russia invasion of Ukraine. He also strongly believed that no one should

coerce someone into serving in the military against their will. I don't want to kill Ukraine's innocent citizens.

They are defending their spheres of influence. They are defending their residences. Mikhail Manzurin declared, "I don't want to take part in this invasion either.

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