Offshore Oil Workers To Stage Biggest Strike In A Generation

By : Mahi

In a salary disagreement, more than 1,300 offshore employees plan to go on a 48-hour strike.

Unite issued a warning that the strike on April 24 will "standstill" dozens of oil and gas platforms.

There is no doubt that contractors and operators could easily afford to increase the salary of Unite members.

"We need to confront the extent of corporate greed in the offshore industry.

"An unprecedented wave of industrial action involving 1,350 offshore workers will now last for 48 hours, and hundreds more are expected to join them.

"Unite will back all of our members in this struggle for better employment, wages, and conditions at every turn," the statement reads.

Together with the deck crew, crane operators, pipefitters, platers, riggers, production and mechanical technicians are among the workers participating in industrial action.

The industrial officer for Unite, John Boland, continued, "Unite has a clear mandate to support strike action.

That will be the largest offshore halt in a generation, and it is historic. The members of Unite are committed to creating a better working environment and getting their fair share.

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