Performers show off moves in 'Draglesque' show in Pottsville

As they staged "Draglesque" at the Majestic Theater on Saturday night, five drag performers gave the audience a wild night of entertainment.

A cabaret-style drag show featuring the performers took the stage and displayed their moves while a varied, upbeat song selection and crowd participation were played.

Each artist had a distinct look and persona, which they expertly executed while gliding down the aisles in stilettos.

Throughout the evening, the performers changed into several costumes, picking attire that complemented their performances and musical accompaniment the best.

That was the fourth "Draglesque" performance at the theatre, and about 60 people showed up.

Trixy Valentine, a Berwick resident, entered the stage while lip-syncing and miming fervently to the instrumental background of "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)."

A few minutes into her act, she raised a curved sword to her head while wielding it, to the thunderous delight of the crowd.

Xander Valentine of Catawissa, who was the lone drag king on the event, appeared to be a post-punk musician from the 1980s thanks to his vest and wide-brimmed cowboy hat.

Nichole Valentine of Easton, her fiancée Mia Ho Moore of Easton, and Feebee Foxx of Hanover were the other performers on the bill.

Throughout the presentation, the crowd was upbeat. Several spectators gave the performers tips as they strutted around the auditorium,

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