Prince Edward, King Charles' Younger Brother, Gets Duke Of Edinburgh Title

In accordance with the intentions of the late Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip,

Britain's King Charles III bestowed the title of Duke of Edinburgh on his younger brother, Prince Edward, on Friday.

Prince Philip, the last person to hold the title, had long wanted Prince Edward to succeed him.

On his 59th birthday, King Charles bestowed the title on Prince Edward, who is now known as the Earl of Wessex.

Prince Edward has been given the Dukedom of Edinburgh, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

James, Prince Edward's teenage son, will not, however, inherit the title. Instead, the 15-year-old will succeed the current Earl of Wessex.

The Duchess of Edinburgh will now be referred to as Sophie, the late wife of Prince Edward who was very close to Queen Elizabeth and died in September.

Later on Friday, the new duke and duchess will attend a reception in Edinburgh to commemorate the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

Upon the 1947 marriage of Prince Philip to the then-Princess Elizabeth, the dukedom was established for him.

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