Remember when Jennifer Lopez's Grammy Awards dress helped invent Google Image Search?

When Jennifer Lopez wore a dress that engineers found so remarkable more than 20 years ago,

They were inspired to create Google Image Search, which has now revolutionized the internet forever.

One of the most iconic costumes in fashion history is Jennifer Lopez's emerald green and blue Versace dress, which she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

The dress' neckline was cut titillatingly low, past Lopez's navel, and had a provocative middle split.

Every movement she made caused a magnificent waterfall of chiffon to trail after her, leaving onlookers unsure of the gown's structural soundness.

Years later, on the 20th anniversary of wearing it, Lopez told Vogue that the dress "was provocative enough, I guess, to get people very curious."

Everyone was wondering what was going to happen next as it blew open. Nothing. Everything is taped down.

According to Eric Schmidt, a former Google CEO and executive chairman, it quickly became the most popular search term on the site. In 2015,

he declared in an article for the opinion publication Project Syndicate, "People needed more than simply text.

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