Share photos of Jeremy Renner welcoming home the snowplough that nearly killed him on the new year.

By : Mahi

Pictures of Jeremy Renner's Pisten Bully snow plough, which had been delivered back to his house, were posted online. He was crushed when the car overturned on New Year's Day.

Jeremy Renner seemed to be accepting of the truth. His most recent post implies as much.

Recently, Renner posted pictures of his Pisten Bully snow plough on Instagram after it was eventually delivered back to his house.

According to a US-based media outlet called Deadline, the car overturned on New Year's Day and crushed Renner, breaking more than 30 bones in the process.

Renner reported that "She's finally making her way home." In one image, people could be seen repairing the device, while in another, a driver could be seen nodding approval.

"The cat receives police protection... Similar to The Green Mile "In a video that showed the vehicle travelling down the road while being escorted by police, Renner wrote.

On January 1, Renner was involved in an accident while attempting to free a family member's car from a snowdrift.

He was ultimately driven over by the actor's snowplough, seriously wounding him.

Renner needed two surgeries the following day after suffering orthopaedic issues from a blow to the chest.

The actor utilised a massive snow plough called a PistenBully or Sno-Cat that must have weighed at least 14,330 pounds.

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