Spring break gets pricey as travelers return to old booking habits

The demand for spring break travel is increasing, which is pushing up hotel and ticket costs.

Domestic airfare for March and April is averaging $264 round-trip, according to a study last week from travel platform Hopper.

This is an increase of 20% from a year ago and 5% over pre-pandemic levels.

Airlines have already restricted capacity development, which has kept airfare higher than it was a year ago due to pilot shortages and delayed aircraft deliveries.

According to airline executives, travelers are already returning to the booking habits they had before the pandemic,

traveling at peak hours to well-known locations. Because of this, it's even more crucial for travelers to maintain their flexibility if they

want to save money and prevent rate increases. For airlines looking to offset rising costs, the news is positive.

According to Frontier Airlines President Barry Biffle, demand for spring break travel is "perhaps the best we've ever seen."

There is an actual capacity restriction. People are willing to pay [the increased tickets] when combined with higher expenditures,

most notably gasoline, so the airlines must do so. The demand for travel has picked up through the spring,

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