Suga from BTS discusses their struggle to be accepted as artists

By : Mahi

Suga of the K-pop group BTS talks about their struggles with being acknowledged as idols and artists.

The rapper met with Billboard to talk about his solo endeavours and his plans to continue performing.

He described how BTS had a difficult time getting accepted as musicians and how they were caught up in a confusing situation:

"When we initially entered the K-pop world, we were in this perplexing situation where we weren't recognised as artists but also weren't accepted as idols.

The musicians that are close to me, though, are aware of my naturalness and my dedication to music.

He believes that people are now starting to recognise them as artists, but he expresses his doubts:

"I'm really not believing that bigger customers or audiences would embrace it, because it's not really popular music.

Yet, I dare say that the reason it's being cleaned up is because musicians are now being taken seriously.

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