Superman - Legacy Cast Frontrunners Revealed

By : Mahi

The leading candidate for Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy has been identified. According to many sources,

The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Corenswet is one of the candidates for the position.

There are two other options in the quest, but we don't yet know who they are. For those diehard Superman fans out there,

It's also important to know that a screen testing phase is scheduled to begin sometime after Memorial Day.

Since taking over at DC Films, fans have been interacting with director James Gunn on social media every day to inquire about the character of Clark Kent.

After several rumors about other actors circulated in the absence of an announcement, this is the first definite information about a hopeful.

What's more intriguing is that Nicholas Hoult is mentioned as a serious possibility to play Lex Luthor in THR's article.

He is presently the star of Renfield and has made a significant impact. He reportedly came very close to landing the Batman part in Matt Reeves' most recent film.

Sex Education's Rachel Brosnahan had a strong audition for the role of Lois Lane. But with names like Phoebe Dynevor

and Samara Weaving also being mentioned in whispers, the field is still obviously wide open.

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