Teen boys kill 71-year-old man after stealing car

After reportedly stealing a Kia and crashing it into another vehicle, killing the elderly driver inside, three 13-year-old boys are now being held by police.

Due to the Kia's shattered driver's side window, an officer in Robbins, Illinois, discovered it around 2:30 on Sunday, according to FOX 32 Chicago.

After calling dispatch and approaching the Kia, the officer reportedly saw smoke coming from a wreck a few blocks away.

The policeman afterwards discovered that the stolen Kia had collided with a Ford Taurus that was carrying a 71-year-old man.

The individual was extricated from the vehicle and transferred to a medical facility, where he was declared dead.

Fire Chief Nick Malley Sr. from the Robbins Fire Department told CBS Chicago, "We were the first arriving unit

and found one vehicle with substantial damage in a ditch with a person still inside the vehicle."

On the spot, the 13-year-old males in the Kia were detained and brought to the Robbins Police Department.

Robbins police recently announced on Facebook that they had acquired 60 steering wheel locks for locals

who own a Kia with a model year between 2009 and 21 that requires a physical key to start the ignition.

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