The "Saturday Night Live" Monologue of Woody Harrelson Makes COVID Conspiracy Jokes

For bringing up his divisive position on vaccination and the COVID-19 pandemic in his opening

monologue of the "Saturday Night Live" episode on February 25, Woody Harrelson is receiving criticism.

The actor, who was hosting "SNL" for the fifth time, started rambling off a story that was centered on the "craziest script" he had ever read.

After several minutes of getting distracted talking about smoking weed, drinking and what kind of tree he was sitting under,

The actor describes the aforementioned script. So, according to Harrelson, this is how the movie progresses.

The largest drug gangs in the world get together, buy up the entire media and political establishment,

and order everyone to remain confined to their houses. And individuals can only leave if they repeatedly use the drugs supplied by the cartel.

The script was discarded, Harrelson continued. Who was going to accept such a ridiculous notion, after all? compelled to use drugs? I work all day doing that voluntarily.

A few online viewers lambasted the sketch programme on Twitter shortly after the live broadcast for running the monologue:

Producer Lee Goldberg twitter, "Thank you, @nbcsnl, for Woody Harrelson's dull anti-vax diatribe." Who will be the guest host next week, Scott Adams?

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