This powerful bomb can penetrate nuclear sites underground, America released pictures

Dubai. The US military this month released pictures of a powerful warhead designed to destroy underground uranium

enrichment facilities deep in the Earth amid heightened tensions with Iran over its nuclear programme.

On May 2, the US Air Force released rare photographs of this weapon, the GBU-57, better known as the "Massive Ordnance Penetrator".

However, he later deleted the pictures. This was probably done because the photographs revealed sensitive information about the weapon's structure and firepower.

The photos were published after the Associated Press reported that Iran is continuing to build a nuclear facility

that may be beyond the firepower of the GBU-57, considered the US military's ultimate weapon for targeting underground bunkers. Is.

The US developed the 'Massive Ordnance Penetrator' in the 2000s as concerns grew about Iran strengthening its nuclear sites underground.

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