TSA officers attacked during security screening at Phoenix airport

By : Mahi

On Tuesday morning, an airport in Phoenix, Arizona, was the scene of an assault on three Transportation Security Administration employees.

Three TSA agents were attacked at Checkpoint D in Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport at 5:55 a.m. on Tuesday, a TSA representative told Fox News Digital.

According to the spokeswoman, a female traveler attacked the TSA employees while they were going through security checks.

450 passengers had to be sent to a separate checkpoint as a result of the alleged incident, according to the TSA.

"This blatant physical assault on our staff without cause is unacceptable. We appreciate the dedication of our team members

and the daily contribution they make to safeguarding the general public's right to travel. Due to the acts of this traveler,

some 450 passengers were inconvenienced and had to go to a different checkpoint for security screening,

which resulted in the injuries of three TSA personnel, the representative stated.

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