US warns allies at Munich that China may increase support for Russia

The US has as of late started seeing "upsetting" trendlines in China's help for Russia's military and there are signs

that Beijing needs to "creep up to the line" of giving deadly military guidance to Russia without getting found out,

US authorities acquainted with the knowledge told CNN. The authorities wouldn't depict exhaustively what knowledge

The US has seen proposing a new change in China's stance, yet said US authorities have been concerned an adequate number of them have imparted

the insight to partners and accomplices at the Munich Security Meeting throughout the course of recent days.

When he spoke with his Chinese colleague, Wang Yi, on Saturday outside of the conference,

Secretary of State Antony Blinken brought up the subject, according to authorities. A senior State Department source told reporters,

The Secretary was pretty direct in warning about the ramifications and repercussions of China providing material support to Russia or helping

Russia with systematic sanctions evasion.During her speech in Munich, Vice President Kamala Harris also made a passing

reference to China's backing of Russia. Harris stated on Saturday, "We are particularly disturbed that China has strengthened

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