'We bow at the altar of Groundhog Day': concept copycats celebrate their 30th birthday

Groundhog Day has reached its 30th birthday—which is still three years and 33 years,

a change short of the 350 days it was once estimated to have been caught in a time loop in Bill Murray's vicious Weatherman movie.

The film has seen a change in its reputation since being seen as a quirky comedy upon its release.

And not just because "Groundhog Day" has become shorthand for the tedium of any endlessly repetitive scenario.

In 2023, its influence and popularity is greater than ever. Some people got it right away.

David Lynch was an early fan, while Quentin Tarantino said in an interview to promote Pulp Fiction in 1994

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies of the last year, if not my favorite." And a number of films imitating its structure have cropped up,

including a sci-fi Groundhog Day on a Train (Source Code), Groundhog Day as a Horror (Happy Death Day),

Groundhog Day with Tom Cruise (Tomorrow The Edge), Groundhog Day but she's naked (predictably awful naked).

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