What’s Going On Up There? Theories but No Answers in Shootdowns of Mystery Craft.

If the truth is out there, it is surely not yet obvious. Pentagon and intelligence officials are attempting to understand three unidentified flying objects

that American fighter planes shot down with missiles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over Alaska, Canada, and Michigan.

After a chaotic weekend that at times seemed to be the result of an invasion of unidentified flying objects,

The aerial display over North America has taken a new turn. The most recent item was originally noticed above Montana on Saturday,

which initially led some people to question its existence. Military personnel noticed a radar blip over Montana on Saturday, which quickly vanished,

leading them to believe it was an aberration. Then, on Sunday, a blip appeared across Montana, followed by Wisconsin and Michigan.

Once military authorities saw it, they gave the F-16 the order to shoot it down over Lake Huron.

Regarding the episodes, there are two key inquiries: Which vessel were they?

And why does it seem like the United States is suddenly seeing more and shooting down more?

The initial query has not yet received any responses. American authorities have no idea what the items were, much less what they were for or who supplied them.

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