Who was a greater heavyweight boxer; Joe Louis or Muhammad Ali

By : Mahi

The question of who was the greater heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis or Muhammad Ali, is a subject of much debate and largely depends on individual perspectives.

Both fighters made significant contributions to the sport and had remarkable careers.

Joe Louis, also known as the "Brown Bomber," was an American boxer who held the heavyweight title from 1937 to 1949,

the longest reign in the history of the division. He successfully defended his title 25 times, a record at the time.

Louis possessed exceptional punching power, technical skills, and remarkable athleticism.

He became a symbol of hope and pride for African Americans during a time of racial segregation in the United States.

Muhammad Ali, previously known as Cassius Clay, was an American boxer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight champions in history.

Ali was known for his exceptional speed, agility, footwork, and unorthodox fighting style.

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